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INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF NGOs(Non-Governmental Organizations) holding in London

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Hello Delegate,

This is a Call for Participation in an INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF
NGOs(Non-Governmental Organizations) holding in London, United Kingdom, on 10th
March to 20th March 2011,where as many as 200 participants from across the world
including Health Practitioners, Professionals in relevant fields, Lawyers,
Psychologists, Women and Youth Development Groups, Government Officials, Donor
Agencies and participating NGOs will meet to discuss issues pertaining to the
Welfare of NGOs...and also to meet others like yourself; to learn, teach, inspire
and being inspired.

This event will be exploring the potential of a practical approach that will unleash
and nurture the human capacity to create,
 collaborate and change positively, the world at large.

What are the objectives of this meeting? The meeting will provide a medium where
participating individuals and NGOs will convene to address and discuss ways of
improving key Humanitarian issues and topics with much emphasis on Human Rights,
Gender Equality, Peace and Security,Social and Economic Development, Youth and
Children, Health Education,
Ethics and Value and Environmental Protection. Participating NGOs will have direct
access to grants by International Donor Agencies.

· Encouraging countries with a longer experience in implementing strategies .

The opening Lecture will be held by Dr.(Mrs.) Artemisia Franco who is the President
of the Center for Human Rights Research and Development, Maputo - Mozambique. The
program will include:

* Thought-provoking plenary

* In-depth breakout and dinner sessions for strategy-development

* Capacity and skills-building sessions; and

* Debates to stimulate discussion.

In addition to the main program, the meeting will also host book launches, artistic
and cultural activities, exhibitions, plenty of
 space and opportunity for informal networking and alliance building.All plenary and
selected breakout sessions will have interpretation into
 English,Spanish and French.

Who can participate? What happens if more than 200 participants apply? Anyone who is
a member of an NGO, Professionals in related fields, Students Unions, Lecturers of
Universities and Community based organizations, the Clergy as well as women and
youth development groups can apply to participate.

If more than 200 people apply (as we anticipate), a global selection committee will
select a representative 200 from among the applicants. This committee will ensure
that the participants at the meeting are
 truly international and represent a diverse range of interests, issues, and
regions. The events will take place at Abba Queens Gate Hotel London.

I can't afford the cost - Can you help? Dylan Foundation has set up an Access Fund
to support the travel costs for all qualified participants. How do I apply, and when
is the deadline? All Interested organizations should send an email to the Local
Organizing Committee.

Participants MUST be a group of 1-3 persons to qualify for registration.

Contact Person:

Rev.(Dr.) Mark Solomon
Email: dylan-fd2011@hotmail.com

Local Organizing Committee
Dylan Foundation

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